For Realtors…

A Revenue Stream For Realtors
That Beats Selling The Same House TWICE!

The Traditional Scenario...
You talk to a prospective seller. It’s an older house in an older neighborhood.

The house could be lived in, but the poor
condition of the house… and the exorbitant
costs to repair and refurbish… make it a
poor investment for most educated buyers.

So you list the house “as is” hoping that
someone who wants to tear it down or
renovate it will buy.

In a few days or weeks a builder comes along
and makes a wholesale offer.

He says he sees it as “an ideal homesite to build a spec home.”  You present the offer to the seller, you agree on a price, sign it, shake hands, and the deal is done.

The house sells. You close fast because there are no inspections. And you pocket your commission.

Easy money, right? But…

Here’s What You Miss...
The builder who bought that house in order to tear it down… to make way for his custom-built spec home… will ultimately sell that homesite… with a new home on it… for hundreds of thousands more!

And the lucky Realtor that comes along to
help that builder sell that big new home
will pocket a commission that is
considerably greater than the one you
thought was “found money.” It doesn’t
seem fair. But that’s the way it is.

The good news is that there is…

A Better Way...
For you… and your pocketbook… it would be a whole lot more rewarding financially to “share the wealth” when the homesite and that expensive custom-built home sell.

That’s exactly what the Infill Partners program by LandDesignBuild is all about… helping you to participate in the bigger, more lucrative deal –– the one you’d really like to have. 

Before You List...
If you know of land or homesites that may be coming on the market soon… homes that definitely should be torn down in order to make way for a new custom-built home… or homes that could go either way… it is in your best interest to contact Infill Partners before your seller signs on the dotted line of your listing agreement.

One of our representatives would accompany you to that meeting to inform your seller about another option: how their home could be worth more to someone that wants to tear it down than to someone who wants to live in it.

If your seller agrees, you list the home just as you
always would. (You walk out with the listing agreement
no matter what!)

In addition, if your seller agrees, Infill Partners goes to
work through its developer and contractor network
to find a suitable buyer or builder –– one who is ready
to purchase a homesite… and a home… in order to
tear it down. 

After You List...
While it’s usually always best to contact Infill Partners
first… before you complete your listing agreement with
your seller… there’s still time for you to profit from participation in a larger transaction.

As soon as you’ve listed a home or homesite for sale, call Infill Partners.

We’ll show you how you can retain full control over your listing… but add a new, larger profit opportunity.

If you’re not absolutely sure about the viability of any specific home as an infill homesite, don’t dismiss it without calling 888-321-LAND. Click here to receive samples of our short- and long-version Infill Evaluator Checklists that help calculate the possibility and probability of a home selling as an infill homesite.

The Other Sign...
Your sign… as the seller’s agent… goes up in front
of the home just as it always does.

Another sign goes along side… for LandDesignBuild…
our development and construction partner. (see samples)

You promote the sale of that home through your usual
channels… in your usual fashion.

At the same time, Infill Partners and LandDesignBuild go to work… talking to builders and to an ever-growing list of prospective buyers that are looking for tear down opportunities.

If a traditional sale occurs first… a buyer steps forward to buy the house to live in it… you complete your transaction as though Infill Partners and LandDesignBuild weren’t in the picture. Without participating financially in the transaction, Infill Partners and LandDesignBuild simply step aside. 

If LandDesignBuild finds a prospective buyer seeking a teardown opportunity, you earn your commission on the sale of the home now… as you ordinarily would… plus, you participate in the larger transaction.

For complete information about how you can participate and to review the LandDesignBuild/Realtor Agreement, call 888-321-LAND today.

By doing so, you’ll be ready… fully informed of exactly how your relationship with Infill Partners and LandDesignBuild can help you financially… when a home or homesite come along that would be suitable for the Infill Partners program. 
About Infill

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, defines infill as:

“The use of vacant land and property within a built-up area for further construction or development, especially as part of a neighborhood preservation… growth program.”

Infill is not a new word. And it’s not a new idea. But to those who are treading on new ground, it is mysterious.

Infill Partners… and LandDesignBuild, its development and construction partner… applies its innovative approach that integrates every step of the homebuilding process into one unified effort.

From site selection and assessment through and beyond the final walk-thru, LandDesignBuild serves the needs of buyers, sellers, builders, and trade professionals by acting as a single source of communication and coordination.

The ease of the custom homebuilding journey… and the outcome… attest to the value of LandDesignBuild leadership.
Private Offerings Held In Strictest Confidence

LandDesignBuild compensates its independent land sources when they introduce us to land BEFORE it is formally offered to the public. 

You make more money… and our buyers and builders see the newest properties first!

Whether you are a part-time "ground hound" or a professional, Infill Partners is devoted to helping Realtors participate in transactions that are considerably more lucrative for them.
The “Infill” Checklist

Here’s the fast and easy way to determine if a particular home and homesite is suitable as an infill teardown homesite… a lot that is suitable for a new, larger home… and a larger personal revenue stream for you.

1.  It’s not the first. In other words, other homes in the neighborhood have already been torn down in order to make way for a new home and new construction.

2.  A desirable address. Currently, in the St. Louis area, certain addresses or areas are particularly hot for infill. If the house you list is in Chesterfield, Clayton, Creve Coeur, Des Peres, Kirkwood, Ladue, Olivette, Richmond Heights, Town & Country, University City, Webster Groves, or Wildwood.

3.  Condition of the home. When a home is in poor condition and would require substantial renovation and refurbishing in order to make it salable or livable, you have another good clue that you’re looking at a potential opportunity with Infill Partners.

Please feel free to call, fax, mail, or email information on any buildable parcels you currently have or may come across in the future.

Often, because of our experience with infill, Infill Partners sees opportunities that others miss.

And by all means, if you’re not sure about the viability of a potential infill homesite, never dismiss it without first calling Infill Partners (a division of LandDesignBuild) at 888-321-LAND.
Homeowners appreciate
our system, too, and the
advantages it brings them...

First, homeowners like the fact that they get to sell their house “as is” –– no inspections… no repairs… no hassles.

Second, closing and possession dates are usually more flexible because someone who wants to teardown a house is on a different time schedule than someone who needs to move in now!

Third, they often get more bottom line value… more in their pocket… by selling their home to someone who wants to tear it down and build anew, rather than to someone who wants concessions for  repairs the home may need.

And, finally, they definitely put more money in their pockets by involving Infill Partners than by selling to a spec builder who wants to buy at wholesale in order to mark it up and resell at top dollar.